Levels of Hoarding

Because every home is different, it can be difficult to price a Hoarding Cleanup service, but at Extreme Hoarding Cleanup, our team is dedicated to helping our clients get the services they need most at a reasonable price. Our team offers free estimates for cleanup services, and when getting this process started, we work with potential clients and ask them to give us an accurate description of each room, and how big the home or space is that needs to be cleaned. Once we have an idea of the space and our client needs, we can provide a cost range. The final cost of service will often be on the lower end of the range we provide, but we are always sure that our services never cost more than the highest amount on the range estimate provided. The ranges below are pricing examples for an average 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage home in need of professional hoarding cleanup services.

The prices listed below and offered in our estimates are for everything needed as part of the service, including disposal, dumpster delivery, cleaning supplies, and labor.

Each customer is different and each site is different, so your home may not reflect these same prices. Please contact us online for your free estimate today or call to get emergency 24/7 cleanup services.

There are 5 levels to hoarding:

5 levels of hoarding image

Level 1 Situation:

Clutter begins to accumulate, but causes no issues with everyday functions and processes. If accumulation continues, the home may experience problems.

Level 2 Situation:

Typically, horizontal surfaces are covered with debris, collected items, and potentially trash or waste. Surfaces that tend to get clogged include countertops, tables, and desks. The home overall is still usable and there is open floor space, however. These are the beginning stages of hoarding and may be a good time to speak with your friend or loved one about seeking help.

Level 3 Situation:

In addition to horizontal surfaces being covered with items and debris, the perimeters of rooms will start to be filled as well, encroaching on the floors and living spaces. At this stage, you may find “paths” throughout the home for easier access to high-use areas that have less debris or clutter.

Level 4 Situation:

At level four, hoarding situations will see floors that are becoming obstructed with debris, trash, collected items, and more. The home’s functionality is severely impacted and can be difficult to maintain. There is limited access to many parts of the home, as the paths in previous levels become obstructed, too.

Level 5 Situation:

This level sees the most severe hoards, in which rooms cannot be entered due to the large volume of items in the space. Ingress and egress can be completely blocked for the home or for specific rooms. At this stage, the weight of the contents themselves can put stress on the structure and become a fire hazard, there may be rodent and insect infestations, odors are typically very strong, and neighbors may be complaining about the state of the home. This is an extreme case and requires the most in-depth work.

The team at Extreme Hoarding Cleanup is here to assist you in any way we can, and that now includes electronic requests! We’re proud to offer in-depth estimates to discuss your needs and goals for yourself, a family member, or a friend in need of hoarding cleanup help. Whether you are dealing with an animal hoarding situation, or simply need help with preventing a hoarding situation from getting more severe, our team is here for you. Creating a plan to declutter your home has never been easier, just submit your photos today and allow the professionals at Extreme Hoarding Cleanup to assist you in enjoying your home easier and sooner than you thought possible.

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