Estate Cleanup

Estate Cleanup

If you’re seeking hoarding cleanup services, then look no further! Our team of professionals specializes in providing comprehensive estate cleanup services. We guarantee a hassle-free service experience, one that is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our crew is experienced and ensures the utmost care for your property throughout the entire process. With our services, we guarantee not just effective hoarding removal, but also superior customer service—we go above and beyond expectations to ensure you are provided with unparalleled clarity and service. Contact us today to discuss how our team can help you make hoarding cleanup easier!

Estate Cleanup Services

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What are Estate Cleanup Services?

An estate cleanup is a service that helps families tidy up estates that have been hoarded and cluttered. The deed to a hoarded estate can be hard to tackle on one’s own given the tedious task of sorting through piles of items, such as furniture, clothing and memorabilia. Estate cleanup services are designed to save homeowners time and effort by providing hoarding cleanup services as well as junk removal services. Some companies also offer sanitation services in order to disinfect the premises prior to inheritance or other changes in ownership. Professional estate cleanup services utilize organized processes which are effective and efficient in helping facilitate the liquidation of items from an estate. Learn how Extreme Hoarding Cleanup can help!

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How Extreme Hoarding Cleanup Can Help

When looking for hoarding cleanup services or estate cleanup services, you want to make sure that you are getting the best available. Enter Extreme Hoarding Cleanup. Extreme Hoarding Cleanup stands out above the crowd with their expert solutions while still giving customers caring and personalized service. They work around the clock and strive to provide effective hoarding solutions as quickly as possible so that your estate can be restored to its former glory. With Extreme Hoarding Clean up on your side, you know you’ll be able to tackle any hoarding or estate cleanup challenge with the help of experienced professionals who not only understand hoarding but also have a genuine interest in helping each customer through this difficult time.

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Service Areas

We work in the state of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas as well. Most of our business comes from referrals from previous clients. We pride ourselves on being fair and honest.

We specialize in homes that need a great deal of sorting and large volumes of accumulated assets and property. Most homes contain massive amounts of paperwork, memorabilia, mementos and other items that the families have collected over the years. For many, the thought of trying to rid their home of these items is not only overwhelming, but emotional and exhausting. Extreme Hoarding Cleanup specializes in sorting through the items that are leftover after the families have taken their personal belongings and sifting through them to see what the family may have missed, what is valuable and what needs to be disposed of. Depending on what the client wants to accomplish, Extreme Hoarding Cleanup has connections with charitable organizations, antique dealers and consignment shops and will provide receipts for tax purposes. We use every effort to utilize all of the above services before we dispose of anything.

When an appointment is set, we will meet with the client and discuss what items the family will be taking and tag them and the rest of the stuff will be sorted and sold, donated or disposed of. Since many of the family members are out of town when a loved one passes we can help facilitate the process when your time may be limited. We can provide the family with vendors for different services they may need after the clean out process, such as an electrician, plumber, landscaper or real estate agents.

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