Clutter Cleanup

Clutter Cleanup

Cleaning up clutter can be an incredibly daunting task, especially if hoarding is an issue. Not only is it a time consuming process, but it also be emotionally and physically exhausting. However, having a clean home increases one’s sense of well-being and ability to enjoy the space in which they live. If tackling hoarding or clutter on your own feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek out hoarding or clutter cleanup services for help. Such services provide trained individuals who have the skills needed to quickly and easily rid you of extra objects that fill your home without judgment or criticism. In addition to being professionally trained in hoarding cleanup, staff from such services will also help with downsizing and provide assistance with respect to organizing, donating resources or finding new homes for items.

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3 Categories of Clutter Cleanup

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Donation Removal and Hauling

Donation items consist of things that may be cluttering a particular area of the home or office that are useable, just not by the person who possesses them. Everyone has a few boxes of old clothes that will never be worn again. Or the old furniture that is not quite “antique material” that a relative or loved one left behind. Extreme Hoarding Experts will help you decide which items can be donated while hauling these items to the charity of choice. The items will be donated in the family or business’ name while Extreme Hoarding Experts technicians do all of the work to finish the clutter cleanup.

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Trash/Garbage Cleanup

Once the clutter is organized and sorted, homeowners can also take advantage of our deep cleaning services. Usually offered with our hoarding cleaning services package, our deep cleaning process will sanitize and freshen your home or business after the clutter has been neatly put back into place.

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Keepsakes/Collectibles Organizing

Keepsakes, collectibles, valuables, and heirlooms can be restored and put back where they belong. This is where Extreme Hoarding Experts differs from a typical junk removal service. We care, exercising great effort by finding valuables amidst all of the clutter that may have been forgotten about. Other items may lay buried beneath a pile of clutter after being searched for over a long period of time. Extreme Hoarding Experts technicians will help to recover these items and return them to the rightful place in a home or office.

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How to tell when clutter becomes a problem

Clutter can really build up in homes, offices and other spaces. Sometimes it's ok, but when you find your living space feeling cluttered and cramped, it might be time to get some decluttering help. If you're looking for more guidance on hoarding or clutter cleanup services, there are a few things that can help you determine if the situation has reached an alarming level. When one finds that piles of objects are taking up large parts of shared spaces for an extended period of time or when pathways within a home become difficult or dangerous to navigate due to hoarding or hoarding-related items, then enlisting the help of hoarding cleanup services or clutter cleanup services is recommended. Taking proactive steps towards decluttering can help prevent further distress and damage from hoarding-related issues. Think your clutter may be an issue? Extreme Hoarding Cleanup can help!

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How Extreme Hoarding Cleanup can help with clutter cleanup

Extreme hoarding cleanup services are a great way for individuals to get help for hoarding-related clutter problems. Professional hoarding cleanup specialists provide a comprehensive and positive approach to help bring order and peace back into the lives of hoarders who struggle with their cluttered environment. They start by conducting an assessment, which will allow them to identify the most pressing hoarding issues, create a detailed plan of action, and determine appropriate tasks that can be undertaken to clear up existing clutter. In addition, they also provide tips on how family members and friends can lend support during this process so that everyone involved receives some benefit from the hoarding cleanup service. By taking advantage of extreme hoarding cleanup services, individuals have access to the guidance and expertise to help organize their lives in a safe, fast, effective manner.

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