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Professional hoarding cleanup services

Professional hoarding cleanup services are available for those dealing with hoarding-related messes in their home or a shared home. When a hoarding situation goes beyond the scope of what can be reasonably handled by families and friends, hoarding cleanup companies like Extreme Hoarding Cleanup are here to step in and provide assistance with all the tasks that are needed in order to get the property back in peak condition! These tasks include deep cleaning, disposing of unsalvageable items, and sorting what can remain. The professional hoarding cleaners at Extreme Hoarding Cleanup specialize in creating an effective cleaning plan that will restore order, safety, and quality of life to the home and environment where hoarding has taken place, all while honoring the decisions of the owners. With our assistance, hoarding cleanup for your friends and family can be hassle-free and much safer for everyone involved! Get started today with hoarding cleanup with a free estimate for your needs.

Full Service Hoarding Cleanup, We can assist with the following services

When a hoarding situation needs to be cleaned up and restored, it takes a lot more work than sorting things into piles and throwing old items away. For many people, hoarding creates an overwhelming mess that can either be a result of or lead to mental health issues. Instead of taking on the stress, hard work, and setting aside the time necessary for cleaning up the mess, our team is here to help throughout every step of the process. No mess is too big for us to handle, and we’re here to help with compassion, patience, and kindness so you or your loved one can get back to living a life free of the stress caused by hoarding mess.

Disposal of Medications.png

Recovery/Disposal of Medications, Syringes, and Regulated Wastes

Appliance Removal and Recycling.png

Appliance Recycling

Donating Unwanted Items.png

Donation of Unwanted Items to a Charity of Your Choice

Telephone or Email.png

Free Telephone or Email Consultation

Deep Cleaning.png

Complete Cleanouts to Deep Cleaning,

Rodent & Pigeon Infestation.png

Rodent & Pigeon Infestation/Droppings Cleanup

Cleanup and Disposal.png

Cleanup and Disposal Including Animal and Human Waste

Roll-off Trash Container.png

Delivery of Roll off Trash Containers from 3 to 40 Yards

Delivery of Storage.png

Delivery of Storage Containers and Filing Boxes for Paperwork

Recovery of Legal Documents.png

Recovery of Legal Documents, Sentimental Items, and Valuables

Residential Hoarding.png

Complete Residential Hoarding Clean Up - Occupied or Vacant

Hoarding Cleanup and Clutter Cleaning.png

Hoarding Cleanup and Clutter Cleaning

How to tell if your loved one is hoarding

If you are concerned that a friend or family member is hoarding, you can look for the tell-tale signs to figure it out. The obvious signs include having cluttered and disorganized rooms that are so packed that they can no longer be used for their intended purpose. However, sometimes, hoarding can be limited to a room or two, such as a spare bathroom or bedroom. In the earlier stages of hoarding, you will likely be able to spot items that might not seem useful to your loved one, like stacks of newspapers and magazines, large amounts of collected objects, and hoarding behavior that disrupts daily activities or finances (e.g. buying things in bulk because they’re on sale, not because they’re needed).

If any of these signs are present, and your loved one is finding it difficult to stop or clean out the unneeded items, it may be time to consult with a hoarding cleanup services company, like Extreme Hoarding Cleanup to safely address hoarding behaviors. Our professional hoarding clean team will help you evaluate the situation, either over the phone or by email, and we’ll design an individualized action plan that focuses on cleanup, assessing and mitigating any potential health risks, safeguarding belongings, and support for the person who has been hoarding. If you think your loved one is hoarding, contact Extreme Hoarding Cleanup to help!

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How Extreme Hoarding Cleanup Can Help with Hoarding Situations

Extreme Hoarding Solutions is a hoarding cleanup company dedicated to helping families and individuals who have been struggling with hoarding behaviors. With our professional hoarding cleanup services, our team is here to help you safely address any health or safety hazards and make messy, disorganized homes livable and enjoyable again. Because our team knows that dealing with hoarding is difficult physically, emotionally, and mentally, our hoarding cleanup services are performed with understanding, kindness, compassion, and respect for those affected by hoarding, and our team provides personalized assistance in restoring homes.

The team at Extreme Hoarding Solutions understands the complexity of hoarding disorders, which is why our hoarding cleanups are tailored to each individual or family’s specific situation, needs, and requests. Our team’s compassion and support make us an invaluable resource for anyone looking for help with hoarding cleanup, whether it’s for yourself, your family, or a close loved one.

Our Team Provides 24/7 Emergency Services

Having access to 24/7 emergency hoarding cleanup services can be a lifesaver for an individual or family that is dealing with hoarding tendencies. Hoarding can often get out of hand quickly, and it is essential to have access to a hoarding cleanup company at all times so that the situation can be addressed effectively and without delay. At Extreme Hoarding Cleanup, our team is well-trained in helping individuals and families cope with hoarding while cleaning up the site safely and efficiently. Having these services available around the clock can help to lead those affected by hoarding tendencies toward the path to recovery faster by addressing the issue immediately! If you, a loved one, or your family need emergency help with cleaning up hoarding messes, give our team a call today.


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Whether you need help approaching a friend or family member to offer help with a hoarding situation, or you’re working toward recovery from hoarding on your own, Extreme Hoarding Cleanup is here to help. Our compassionate and friendly team members are dedicated to ensuring our clients have a clean home to enjoy and live in comfortably, and we’re highly trained to ensure that we can handle just about any hoarding situation. No matter if you’re dealing with cleanup and removal for animal hoarding, hoarding as a result of a mental illness or chronic condition, or anything else, our team is proud to offer helpful services designed around your needs and your goals. Get a free estimate for hoarding cleanup services online today or call us now for emergency cleanup services. We’re here to help!

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